Music for Young Children™ Est.1985

Sunbeams 1

5 to 8 years old
Introductory class: 45 minutes weekly, 5 weeks
registered students only

min. 4 students, max. 6 students
Full program: Three 10-week sessions

Research-based and age-appropriate Piano beginning method along with theory, solfege, listening, eurhythmy, improvisation, ensemble, and composition, MYC classes provide opportunities for beginners in small group setting to learn how to play Piano, to develop music competency with musicianship, and to compose their own music. Studio will provide classroom keyboards for students, but all students need to have their own piano or keyboard at home for practicing. All students are encouraged to participate in MYC International Composition Festival and School Recital.

Sunbeams 1 is an enthusiastic level for both parents and students. Our class is interactive, enthusiastic and exciting as we incorporate games, singing, solfege, rhythm ensembles, compositions, patterns and a variety of means to teach the well-rounded program to these young beginners.

The program teaches the keyboard geography through ''critters'' and by the end of the course we have covered the scales of C and G Major Scales and A minor (harmonized with bridges). The majority of notes are covered on both the treble and bass clefs by the end of the year.

Parental involvement at home is a vital part of the learning dynamic which allows students to experience maximum success.

A rewarding and challenging program for all involved!

Schedule & Program Fee
5 weeks Introductory class
Monday5:15 PMMrs. Liuopen
Saturday 2:00 PM Mrs. Liu open
* additional classes will be added if necessary.
Program Fee
Introductory class – 5 weeks, 45 minutes, meet  weekly
Tuition: $120
Material: $50