Music for Young Children™ Est.1985

Sunrise ™

2 - 3 years old
Introductory class: 45 minutes weekly, 5 weeks
parents participate (no young siblings)
min. 4 students, max. 6 students
Full program: Three 10-week sessions

Sunrise is a research-based and age-appropriate Pre-Piano group class program for toddlers. Sunrise classes provide opportunities for those very young piano lovers in small group setting to step into the music world and  to explore the early stage of playing piano. Sunrise is interactive, enthusiastic and exciting as we incorporate games, singing, dancing, solfege, ear training, rhythm ensembles, creative story time, music patterns and a variety of music concepts to those young minds.  Through all the fun activities and music learning “buddies”– bear, frog, puppy, spider etc., they may not know they are learning the serious elements of MUSIC!!

Our school equips a YAMAHA Grand piano, two digital pianos, six portable keyboards and lots of rhythmic instruments and props.   All students and parents are encouraged to participate at End of School Year Studio Recital.

Schedule & Program Fee
5 weeks Introductory class
Tuesday 10:30 AM Mrs. Liu open
Saturday 1:00 PM Mrs. Liu open
* additional classes will be added.
Program Fee
Introductory class – 5 weeks, 45 minutes, meet  weekly
Tuition: $120
Material: $42